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In the next decade, Hanoi and its regions are on the way to becoming the next mega-city of Southeast Asia. Despite the economic growth and perspective of future development, the metropolitan city of Hanoi is suffering multiple issued; overpopulation due to urbanization, the disappearance of crafts villages due to de-urbanization, food security due to agricultural land speculation, environmental disaster due to a political lullaby and the lack of trust and human rights as a direct consequence of a political corruption.

The two main objectives of the project are: to preserve a reliable food resource to supply the urban market and keep developing the metropolitan. The project intends to cope with the inevitable growth of the Hanoi metropolis, as well as the preservation of soil and agricultural. From a political point of view, & Lang; Will be a hypothesis of spatial realization of a civil society platform. It consists mainly of three components:

The Armature: The series of interventions follows an arc by connecting the hearts of existing villages. By exploiting empty spaces in the villages, the project intends to reuse them as common places among the villagers. These are shared workshops, storage, collective work spaces, thus it will promote exchanges between these villages in terms of know-how, share of raw materials and strengthen rural identity while developing tourism.

The Archipelago: Underutilized land and land on which the State has carried out mono-functional projects will be redesigned as a mixed zone. This area will combine housing, utilities, shared infrastructure that support the cluster of villages, appropriate existing industrial shelters to transform into agro-food workshops, establish an export centre, a local market, an organic producer waste treatment centre Energy resources, resting places, agricultural, artisanal cooperatives, collective housing and tourist services.

The skeleton is a linear housing blocks which placed in the middle of agricultural lands. These bands of houses link the villages, They will welcome the residential growth of each village as well as the city of Hanoi. This device wants to restore proximity between producers and consumers, a tool to restore the notion of trust, common good.

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