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'A'A (Architecture d'Aujourd'hui) Les ressources de la ville productive​

Trung Mai is a French Vietnamese architect (HMONP) and urban designer who graduated with honors from ENSA Paris-Malaquais in Paris, France, and Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany. After gaining experience in major French offices such as Atelier Jean Nouvel and Dominique Perrault, Trung founded Ad hoc Practice in 2020, in parallel with Hanoi ad hoc, as a research creation platform.

Trung is the first Vietnamese architect to win three times at Europan (in Spain, Italy, and France), the largest European urban biennial competition for young architects under 40, focusing on designing innovative housing and urban planning schemes for sites across Europe. Trung is also the recipient and nominee of numerous international awards and competitions, including the Renovation of the Industrial Territory of DSK 500 International Competition in Siberia, Russia; IBA'27 - Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 in Germany; World Architectural Festival 2018; and the Association of Siamese Architects International Competition 2015, Thailand. Trung is a member of the French chamber of architecture. His works are exhibited in Architekturmuseum der TU München, and HKW Berlin ( Haus der kulturen der welt ). Trung has been a guest lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and ENSA Paris Belleville. 


Trung has always been fascinated by urban chaos and adhocism, which he considers the intangible identity of the urban milieu, a universal approach to decolonization, and an indispensable catalyst for intriguing fundamental urban changes. His works focus on devising urban renewal strategies for post-industrial contexts, integrating agriculture into urban settings, and exploring critical regionalism in architecture.


Europan 17 - Living City 2 - 3rd prize Winner.Barcelona, Spain

Europan 16 - Living City 1 - 1st prize Winner. Italy

Europan is a biennial competition for young architects under 40 years of age to design innovative housing schemes for sites across Europe.


Renovation the industrial territory of DSK 500 International Competition - Finalist - Siberia

Oslo Triennale 2022 - neighbourhood index exhibition - Norway

IBA'27 - Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 - Runner up. Germany

Europan 15 - Honorary Prize. France

World Architecture Festival 2018 - Future master planning project of the year - Shortlist. Nerthelands 

Vietnam Innovation Network - one of the 100 pioneers in the Vietnam Innovation Network. The program was officially launched by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as an initiative to gather talented Vietnamese intellects and experts living overseas in an effort to help Vietnam leap toward the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

TEDxHanoi 2018 - Speaker

Association of Siamese Architects / Agitated vernacular 2018  - Shortlist.Thailand.


Unbuilt Vision 2015. - Honorary Prize. US.


Association of Siamese Architects International design competition 2015 / DENSITY/ DENSE CITY - 2nd prize. Thailand.

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