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Mai Hung Trung was among the winners of the 15th session of Europan, bi-annual competition for under 40 architects and urban planners in 17 different European countries. The first competition started in 1989. 

The award ceremony took place at Cite de l'architecture, Paris with the presence of Etienne Tricaud, founder of AREP as part of the jury and Emille Neuveu, director of Economic and urban planning department of Pays de Dreux. 

Organized every two years, the competition takes place simultaneously in about twenty European countries. In each country, sites are proposed by local authorities and their partners. The theme of this 15th edition, Productive Cities. The site chosen by MAI is Pays de Dreux which is a rural agglomeration in Nord-East of France. The project explores a changing paradigm of the economic activity zone in French rural areas. In doing so, The proposal establishes a long-term strategy of relocating the essential manufacturing and pharmacy productions which shortens the supply chain and the physical/social distance between the city and the countryside.

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